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Digital Jersey

Article from Digital Hub Jersey about our attendance at Tech For Good challenge

The #tech4good challenge in which the company were finalists, is a three-day event held in Paris which aims to recognise companies and individuals who encourage the use of technology to improve the lives of others and who are focused on diverse aspects of social change. The challenge involved start-ups sharing their ideas in a 10 minutes’ pitch, to a panel. They were judged on the potential impact of the project…

The Finanser

A glimpse of tomorrow’s economy: Dot Finance Africa

“I enjoyed much of the discussions at Dot Finance, especially the presentation from Kosta Peric of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  Kosta’s been a good friend for some years and features as one of the case study interviews in ValueWeb.  He was also responsible for getting Bill Gates to keynote at SIBOS in 2014, and much of the background to the Foundation’s work…”

Agfunder News

aWhere to Host Agtech Hackathon for East African Innovators in Nairobi

“Agriculture stakeholders, programmers, developers and data scientists are invited to come together in Nairobi, Kenya this July for a two-day hackathon aimed at finding technological solutions for smallholder farmers in East Africa as they adapt to changing conditions…”

How Africa

Food waste

Food Waste And Africa: The Way Out

“The 12th Sustainable Development Goal( SDG 12) asks for the world to reduce food waste in fifty percent by 2030. The United Nation wishes that if this objective is met, the standard of living will certainly improve, there will be much less starving individuals in the world and most notably, the environment will eliminate harmful gas exhausts…”

Beans, Brekkie and Blockchain (b3)

b3 Blockchain Interview With The Founders Of Agriledger

B3 Interview With The Founders Of AgriLedger

“The problem they are addressing is a major one. The UN have reported that up to 50% of crop value vanishes between farmers eeking out their existence off the land and the point of sale of their products at markets. By working closely with small co-operatives, that co-ordinate groups of local farmers to sell produce collectively to markets, the founders believe the problem can be solved by using the blockchain as an oracle of truth.”

Which countries are leading financial inclusion?

Financial Inclusion Article

Which countries are leading financial inclusion?

“It’s intriguing, but unsurprising, to see that the leading countries developing financial inclusion are mainly in South America and Sub-Saharan Africa (doubleclick image to enlarge):”